29 July 2015

Secular Public Education™ and Humanist Society of Queensland secure the release via RTI latest Education Queensland religious instruction participation eligibility figures as per the definitive DETA OneSchool central database.

Across Queensland, 388,731 (74%) of the total student population of 526,931 are ineligible by law for placement into Christian religious instruction without written parental/guardian consent. (



Free, Compulsory and Secular

The public schools of Australia are currently being subjected to an unprecedented and unacceptable level of unauthorised religious activity during school hours. Many such programs and activities are being arranged and organised by chaplains employed via the now rogue Commonwealth funded National School Chaplaincy Program. Beyond this, any human rights protections within anachronistic, flawed State and Territory legislation pertaining to religious instruction during public school hours is being flouted or ignored.

Emerging as a registered not-for-profit entity in September 2015, Secular Public Education¬Ě™ will seek to inform and educate parents and guardians of Australian state/public school students regarding their statutory and human rights in relation to legislated religious instruction, non-legislated chaplaincy and religious activities within their schools. When requested, we will directly advocate on behalf of individual parents and guardians on a case-by-case basis.