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The definitive exposé of a national disgrace: Julia Gillard's born-again National School Chaplaincy Program. This important, must-see 15 minute documentary movie is a tortuous, terrifying journey through garbled, gobbledygook guidelines craftily concocted by Peter Garrett's spinners and weavers of weasel words. How can this be happening?—we don't know!

The Secular Public Education Lobby

Contends that Australian public schools must become, by Commonwealth and State statute, unambiguously secular spaces, with no 'volunteer' provided religious instruction or religious activities ('comparative' or otherwise) being carried out within formal school hours or on the school campus (including lunch/recreation breaks). This includes RI, RE, SRE, CRI, SRI and every other manifestation of religious and sectarian indoctrination, evangelising and proselytising.

The Secular Public Education Lobby

Advocates the introduction via the National Curriculum of a P-12 subject to be titled “Philosophy, Fable & Faith”. The subject would objectively examine the emergence of superstition, deity and idol worship, through first known 'established' religions including that of the Sumerians, to the myriad cults, sects, religions and belief systems of the present. Incorporated would be the evolution of philosophy, ethics, critical thinking, the Enlightenment and its recent, inexplicable roll-back.

The Secular Public Education Lobby

Does not support Federal/State funding for private schools.


This is a highly complex national problem, and ultimately will only be solved Constitutionally, as was the US Vashti McCollum case in 1948. Please take the time to view the 14' trailer below.